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Walk and Talk Therapy

All of us have had to learn to cope with the new challenges that COVID-19 has brought us, and for many of us, the virus causes feelings of anxiety and uncertainty.

But you can now consider having counselling at this moment when you might need it most - with walking and talking therapy. It allows you to be in the open air – and in today’s language, completely “socially distanced”.

Subject to a short medical questionnaire, we walk and talk without the constraints of being inside. Some clients are more comfortable working in this way and find it easier to start discussing their problems when strolling along a country path.

I am happy for my clients to set the pace of the walk. We use a flat trail easy to walk and start from outside the building where the therapy rooms are. 

The route is easily accessible from just outside the counselling rooms so you can park your car safely in the car park provided. It is a flat route with no hills or obstacles to navigate and provides a great opportunity to combine the physical and mental benefits of gentle exercise into looking after your mental health.

I have found walking and talking therapy effective with people of all ages. 

Walk and Talk Therapy: Services
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